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Richmond Engines is your Cometic Head Gasket supplier! The Cometic MLS Head Gasket is comprised of 3 layers of Stainless Steel. Cometic uses Stainless Steel for its increased strength, its ability to rebound and its resistance to corrosion. The outer layers of the gasket are coated on both sides with a fluoroelastomer rubber-based material (Viton), designed to meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments. The Cometic MLS Head Gasket is ideal for all High-Performance automotive applications and is available in a range of thicknesses and bore sizes to suit your needs.

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Dave Hemrich

Dave Hemirch #33

2012 ASA Champion

Dave Hemrich of Delta, B.C. was the winner of the 12th annual Gordie Mannes Memorial Race at Penticton Speedway.The six time and defending Agassiz Speedway champion had the most total points after the two nights…

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Trevor Turnbull

Trevor Turnbull Wins

2012 360 Division Champion

September 15th. The dream season for Trevor Turnbull wrapped up at Skagit Speedway on Saturday night, with the Camrose, Alberta native winning his fifth feature race on Saturday night in his Triple X Sprint Car Chassis and in the process…

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Cory Johnson/Gary McNeal

Cory Johnson

2012 Super boat Champion

Fast time (3) Events
Won all Super Boat events